About Prize Promotions Around the World

Welcome to the fourth edition of DLA Piper's popular Guide to Prize Promotions Around the World. Prize promotions remain a popular marketing tool used globally by businesses to attract customers. The internet and various social media platforms make this an attractive, cost efficient means of reaching a large, multi-jurisdictional customer base; but it is not without its legal challenges.

This handbook is designed to equip our clients with a useful tool to assist them with the management of the early development stages of a promotion, and to bring potentially problematic issues to their attention as soon as possible.

New features and trends

In response to client demand, this fourth edition of the Guide has been expanded to cover 41 jurisdictions which count among the most significant for our clients, with the addition of Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, Nigeria and Turkey.

As our interactive map shows, the extent of regulation and sanctions in this area is on the rise, with the most noticeable change being brought about by the introduction of GDPR across the EU. GDPR extends obligations around handling promotion entrants’ personal data (eg for winner publicity, use of promotions to generate marketing leads and use of UGC entries containing personal data), and introduces the possibility of huge fines for breaches of those obligations.

About our global Advertising and Marketing team

The DLA Piper global advertising and marketing team is well-versed in handling complex, frequently multi-jurisdictional compliance projects. This includes advising on compliance aspects of international prize promotions, which we are often asked to clear across large numbers of jurisdictions, while working to short deadlines.

More broadly, our global advertising and marketing team is able to support the full range of advertising-related work, from copy clearance to dealing with advertising regulators and litigation, to negotiating advertising and sponsorship deals, to e-privacy issues and ad-tech. Our advertising and marketing lawyers offer deep understanding of the advertising and media industries, and combine this with a sophisticated approach to cross-border working.


This Guide is not a substitute for legal advice. Nor is it intended to be an exhaustive guide to all rules and regulations relating to promotions in the jurisdictions covered, or to cover all aspects of the legal regimes surveyed, such as specific sectoral requirements. Rather, it aims to simplify what are often complex provisions into a more manageable summary and to highlight areas of potential concern to promoters. It is current as at the last modified date stated in each section.

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